Genuine BorgWarner® Fan Clutches

Kysor On/Off fan clutches by BorgWarner® are dependable, durable and easy to maintain. Fewer moving parts combined with the Powerwedge liner equals longer fan clutch life. Kit Masters is the largest North American distributor of BorgWarner® aftermarket fan clutches.

DuroSpeed™ 2-Speed Fan Clutch

Upgrade your Kysor-style fan clutch to 2-speed technology.
The DuroSpeed’s simple, modular design allows for easy conversion from ON/OFF to 2-Speed and its lower operating temperature significantly extends bearing and liner life.

Why switch to 2-speed?


Horsepower Savings

Fewer fan clutch engagements means less horsepower draw.


Improved Fuel Economy

As you recapture your lost horsepower, you improve fuel economy.
HORSEPOWER SAVED = Fuel mileage Earned

Longer Fan Clutch Life

Providing constant cooling means reducing engagement cycles and this will improve the life of the fan clutch, fan belts and belt tensioner.


Driver Comfort

Fewer engagements reduces noise and improves driver comfort.

Lower Under-Hood Temperatures

Lower under-hood temperature is better for the engine and all the engine components.


Easy Installation

With fewer individual components, installation is a breeze.

Two Ways to Convert