Gold Top Instructions 14-256 & 14-200

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  1. Using the T-55 Torx bit provided, remove the friction plate.  The plate will say left hand thread but the center bolt should be turned like a standard bolt  – turn the T-55 Torx bit COUNTER CLOCKWISE while holding the friction plate from rotating.  It will help to apply air pressure to the clutch while removing the friction plate.
  2. Once the friction plate is removed, hand-tighten the black plastic cage* on the left hand threaded bolt.  If you applied air pressure in step 1 - remove it now.
  3. Remove the Friction Facing Screws (1) with a T-27 Torx bit.  Remove the lining and throw it away. 
  4. Remove the Aluminum Spring Housing (2).  Use two flat screwdrivers to pry the Aluminum Spring Housing from the pulley and throw it away. 
  5. Remove the large Black Seal (3) and throw it away.
  6. Remove the Retaining Ring (4) and throw it away.
  7. Remove the Air Chamber Cap (5) and throw it away. 
  8. Remove the Air Cartridge Snap Ring (6) and throw it away.  
  9. Remove the Air Cartridge Assembly (7) and throw it away.  
  10. Remove the Bearing Nut with a 2” socket. The pulley will now slide off the shaft.
  11. NOTE: When removing bearings and spacers in the next step, be sure to note the current configuration. Then, refer to this Bearing Configuration Chart to determine the correct configuration for your clutch. 
  12. Press out the bearings - SAVE ANY SPACERS FOUND INSIDE OF THE PULLEY. Clean and inspect the pulley inside and out.
  13. Clean and inspect the shaft inside and out. Clean and chase the threads on shaft.

 *caging tool may be aluminum in older versions of the GoldTop kit. 



  1. Note: Bearings must be pressed in on the outer race.
  2. Press in one of the new bearings into the pulley. Then insert any and all required spacers as shown on page 4 (If there were spacers in the pulley during disassembly, you must reuse both of them between the new bearings). Next, press in the second bearing.
  3. If your GoldTop was made before 5/10/13, skip to step 5. Determine the required bearing shim: If you removed two bearings (6209) during disassembly, use the bearing shim without notches in it. If you removed one double row bearing during disassembly, use the bearing shim with the four notches in it. (See Image A below)
  4. Install bearing shim & retaining ring (4).
  5. Install pulley over the journal bracket.
  6. With the shoulder of the nut facing toward the sheave bearing – torque to 125 Ft Lbs.
  7. Apply lube to the three o-rings on the air cartridge assembly and install the new air cartridge assembly in the journal bracket.
  8. Install the new snap ring over air cartridge assembly.
  9. Assure that the threads in the eight holes in the pulley are clean. Align the 8 holes in the GoldTop™ with the 8 holes in the pulley. Torque the 8 T-27 screws to 80 Inch Lbs.
  10. When installing your fan, the fan blade nuts should be torqued with no more than 35 Ft. Lbs.

Image A