Adapter Kit - Riser Plate

Kit Masters Part #

The 24-4700 adapter kit allows you to rebuild International “clutch pack” fan clutches with your standard GoldTop rebuild kit. No need to purchase a completely different, more expensive kit.

2 Year/200,000 Mile Warranty

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International “Clutch Pack” Applications

Unlike standard, all-in-one fan clutches, some specific International applications have a unique modular system. This system requires the fan clutch to be disassembled and re-installed component by component.



The Problem

The pulleys on these particular fan clutches have a flat front that does not allow for a typical rebuild kit. The OEM requires that you purchase a separate complete rebuild kit (clutch pack) that they have made specifically for this application. This increases inventory costs dramatically!



Kit Masters’ Solution

Instead of creating a separate rebuild kit, we have created a unique riser plate that allows for the installation of our standard GoldTop ON/OFF or 2-Speed kit.

  • Inexpensive compared to complete rebuild kit
  • Does not change the overall dimensions
  • Includes adapter ring to cover multiple applications

* Installation of the 24-4700 also requires a unique extended air cartridge (included).


Replaces OEM Part #:

14ADPT, 14-ADPT,


Repair Instructions