Press Fit Tool - Pulley Bearing Press Tool

Kit Masters Part #

This Kit Masters exclusive tool is made to help you press bearings in and out of your pulley. The small end is used to press the bearings out and the flanged end is used to press the bearings in.

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Pulley Bearing Installation Made Easy!

Developed by Kit Masters teardown & installation technicians for use at the Kit Masters factory, the 14-PF has been made available to the public by popular demand. It evenly distributes pressure to eliminate bearing seal damage during installation. The multi-use design helps with installation AND removal of bearings.



+How do I press out and install pulley bearings?

When rebuilding a fan clutch, you will need to replace your pulley bearings. The technique will vary depending on the fan clutch type.
– Horton®: On a Horton® fan clutch you can press all of the bearings and spacers out at the same time. It is best to use a bearing press. Be sure to press from the correct side of the pulley. One side of the pulley has a retaining lip. If you press towards that lip, it can break and your core will no longer be rebuildable. When installing the new bearings, be sure to apply even pressure to the bearings to ensure that they are not damaged. Kit Masters has developed a tool (part number 14-PF) to help you remove and install bearings properly and effectively.
– Kysor-style: When removing the bearings on a Kysor-style pulley, you will have to remove them one at a time. First remove the retaining ring and then pound out the first bearing. If there are two bearings, remove the second retaining ring followed by the second