Kysor-Style Fan Clutch

Kit Masters Part #

To maintain your product warranty, you must replace pulley bearings when rebuilding your fan clutch.

The 8801N from Kit Masters features unmatched dual seal performance along with Auto Lock, our patented fail-safe innovation and our exclusive dual pilot. It can be used to replace K22, K26, K30 and K32 rear air fan clutches.

2 Year/200,000 Mile Warranty

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A Truly Fail-Safe Fan Clutch

Kit Masters’ patented Auto Lock feature will AUTOMATICALLY LOCK UP fan clutches when the friction material nears the end of its life, allowing the vehicle to finish its trip.

Repair or replace the fan clutch in your shop, at your convenience. No outside labor costs or tow bills.



Two O-Rings are Better than One!

Kit Masters’ extended shaft allows for the addition of a urethane o-ring for resilience to motion, and a Viton® o-ring to create a superior air barrier.



Fan Pilot Flexibility

The 8801N’s innovative design allows you to easily transform the standard 2.56” pilot into a 5” pilot. No need to replace your fan or buy a different fan clutch. Reduce your inventory & have complete coverage of rear-air fan clutches.


Replaces OEM Part #:

10900995001, 1090-09950-01, 10900850001, 1090-08500-01, 10900950001, 1090-09500-01, 10900960001, 1090-09600-01, 10900965001, 1090-09650-01, 10900965001B, 1090-09650-01B, 10900975001, 1090-09750-01, 10900975001B, 1090-09750-01B, 10900995001B, 1090-09950-01B, 10900960001B, 1090-09600-01B, 10900990001, 1090-09900-01, 10900990001B, 1090-09900-01B, 9908500, 9908501, 2501022c91, 2509380c91, 2514343C91, 2602141c91, 3415013, 3915592, 65140701, 6514-070-1, 85108716, 85111808, 85114233, 85134489, f8hz8a627ua, f8hz-8a627-ua, 10900965001, 8805X, 10900950001B, 1090-09500-01B, 9908503, 8801, 8801X,


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+What is the Difference between 8801X and 8801N?

The 8801X is a remanufactured fan clutch and has a core charge associated with it. The 8801N is a new fan clutch and does not have a core charge. The 8801N also has the added benefit of an interchangeable pilot, meaning that it can handle both 2.56” AND 5” fan pilots. The 8801X has only a 2.56” fan pilot.

+Do I need to replace my pulley bearings when replacing my Kysor-style fan clutch?

Yes. To maintain your product warranty, whenever you replace a Kysor-style fan clutch you must also replace the pulley bearings. Quite often, the pulley bearings are what caused the old fan clutch to fail in the first place. Replacing the fan clutch without replacing the pulley bearings will most likely cause the new fan clutch to fail as well.

+How do I determine which Kysor-style fan clutch I have?

Simply click here to identify which Kysor-style fan clutch you have.

+How do I determine which rebuild kit to use for my Kysor-style fan clutch?

Simply click here to identify which rebuild kit to use for your Kysor-style fan clutch.

+I have an aluminum body Kysor-style fan clutch. What are my rebuild/replacement options?

There currently is not a rebuild kit for the aluminum body Kysor-style fan clutches. These fan clutches should be replaced with Kit Masters’ 8801N fan clutch or BorgWarner’s part number 1090-09750-01.

+I'm replacing an aluminum body Kysor-style fan clutch. Do I need to replace my fan?

You do not need to replace your fan if you’re replacing your aluminum fan clutch with an 8801N. Our 8801N has an interchangeable pilot, meaning that it can handle both 2.56” AND 5” fan pilots.

+The black plastic coupler between my fan clutch and hub is melted or deformed. What causes this?

This is caused by pulley bearing failure. Replace the pulley bearings. You may need to replace the seals in your fan clutch as well. A new black coupler will come in both the fan clutch seal kit and the bearing kit.

+Where do I find the part number on my Kysor-style fan clutch assembly?

The entire fan clutch assembly part number is usually on a sticker on the mounting bracket or on the pulley. If the sticker is missing, we may be able to identify which fan hub assembly you have based on the casting number on the mounting bracket. For more information regarding Kysor-style fan clutch identification, click here.