Cool Logic™ Conversion Kit

Kit Masters Part #

Replace your Cool Logic® HDMS with Kit Masters’ 2-Speed GoldTop fan clutch for optimal performance and extended life.

2 Year/200,000 Mile Warranty

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The Problem

Some customers have reported higher than acceptable failure rates with their BorgWarner® Cool Logic® fan clutches. They have now been discontinued due to widespread issues.



Engineering Solutions

Kit Masters developed a solution that allows you to easily convert the vehicle’s fan clutch to a proven technology from an industry leader in innovations and solutions.

Our conversion kits include:

  • New fan clutch assembly
  • Solenoid valve
  • Air line and conversion hardware
  • Conversion instructions

Replaces OEM Part #:

010021883, 010024104, 010024675, 010026464, 21210843, 21508299, 21925085, 22208777, 40MH495M, 40MH477M,


Repair Instructions




+If I'm converting from an HDMS/Cool Logic fan clutch into a Kit Masters conversion kit, do I need to change my fan blade too?

You do not need to get a new fan blade when you convert from an HDMS/Cool Logic fan clutch assembly. We designed our conversion kit fan clutches to have the fan blade mounted in the same position as the OE fan clutch/fan blade assembly.

+Do I need to reset my ECM when replacing an HDMS/Cool Logic fan clutch?

Yes, the ECM needs to be reset when you convert from an HDMS/Cool Logic fan clutch assembly into our conversion kits (ex: 24-462CK)