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Category: Tech Tips

what Should I do when my fan clutch fails

When the time comes and your fan clutch fails, you will need to make a decision. Should you purchase a rebuild kit and rebuild the fan clutch yourself, or a complete fan clutch assembly to replace your old one? Ask around and you’ll likely get split advice on this. It turns out that there is […]

Kysor-Style Fan Clutches are in a world all their own.  They can be much more difficult to identify than other Fan Clutches.  Most of the fan clutches on the market are a one-piece design – you can purchase an entire assembly as one piece.  Kysor-style always comes in two pieces – the Fan Hub and […]

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Your Kysor/BorgWarner-style fan clutch has failed. You order a replacement. The replacement process is simple on these types of fan clutches. You remove six bolts, take the old fan clutch off of the hub (pulley & mounting bracket) and put the new fan clutch on in its […]

A common question regarding belt tensioners is, “What is the pin for?” Each belt tensioner has a pin sticking out of the front of the housing. These pins vary in size, location, and even quantity. The purpose of these pins is to assure that the tensioner is installed on the vehicle in the exact position […]

One of the benefits to using Kit Masters fan clutches is their resistance to air leaks. Kit Masters has been using VITON® o-rings in our products for several years and this Tech Tip will explain why. Nitrile also known as Buna-N or NBR is the most commonly used elastomer for sealing products; approximately 50% of […]

Auto Lock is Kit Masters’ patented fail-safe technology that prevents on-the road fan clutch failures. It is built into every GoldTop, 2-Speed GoldTop, 8901N and 8905N fan clutch.  AutoLock prevents complete fan clutch failure by locking the clutch into the fully engaged position when the friction material nears the end of its life. When this […]

Kit Masters now offers a press fixture specifically designed to remove and install the pulley bearings while rebuilding Horton style fan clutches with the GoldTop, 2 Speed GoldTop and HP kits. This press fixture is designed to install bearings properly by applying even pressure without pre-loading the bearings – which can causing premature bearing failure. […]