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HT550® / HT650®

Our 8009X is a direct replacement/upgrade for Mack® applications of the HT650® / HT550® fan clutches.

The superior design of the 8009X makes for easier and more affordable long-term maintenance.

Better Than New

Converting your fan clutch upgrades it from a medium duty fan clutch to a heavy duty fan clutch. Our model is capable of handling a larger fan and will last longer than the competition.

Installation note:

When converting from an HT650® / HT550®, reverse your solenoid valve to air-to-disengage instead of air-to-engage.

OEM # Kit Masters #
981418 8011X
981419 8011X
981420 8011X
981442 8009X
981446 8009X
991400 8011X
991402 8011X
991405 8011X
991419 8011X
991420 8011X
991428 8009X
991435 8009X
991439 8009X
991445 8010X
991446 8011X
991450 8010X
991451 8009X