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National Sales Manager

Kate Diecks Leading the way for Kit Masters

Kate Diecks formerly the Eastern Regional Manager of Kit Masters is stepping into a new role as the National Sales Manager.


Kit Masters is extremely excited to announce that Kate Diecks has become the new National Sales Manager. After several years of high achievement with Kit Masters, as the Eastern Regional Manager, Kate will now lead the way for Kit Masters into the next generation as the National Sales Manager. Kate’s exceptional leadership skills and depth of knowledge in the Heavy Duty Truck market ensures continued growth and innovation from Kit Masters.


“We are proud to have Kate lead us into the future, her drive, determination and follow through is going to propel Kit Masters into the next big phase for Kit Masters.  Kate, although not a “Swanson”, has the exact same morals and style as the rest of us, and that is to put relationships first.  Relationships with our customers, counter personal, inside the plant, outside the plant, Kate makes sure that everyone knows that they are a valued member of the “family”.  I will be here to support Kate in whatever function she may need, and I will be taking on special projects that can impact the market with new technologies or focused solutions.” 

Brian Swanson


Shortly after graduating college in early 2007, Kate began her career that ultimately led her to sales and sales management.  Kate has held sales support and sales management roles with companies ranging from a small HVAC company to one of America’s largest privately held companies, ULINE.  She is currently a Regional Sales Manager for Kit Master, Inc who specializes in remanufactured fan clutches, rebuild kits and accessories.  Over the years Kate has developed a passion for developing sales processes and building relationships with her sales team and their customers.


When she’s not working, Kate can usually be found running on a trail, skiing down a mountain, or enjoying a drink in the sun on a beach.


“Throughout my career I have been looking for a company that fits my passion, values and goals.  I am thankful to have found all three of those attributes in Kit Masters and the people that work there.  I am looking forward to the next chapter with Kit Masters.  The future is bright.”

– Kate Diecks