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Kit Masters Redefines Belt Tensioners

Kit Masters is well-known in the heavy duty market for their ability to determine the common causes of failure in products and engineer solutions. Their new PolyForce Belt Tensioner line once again demonstrates this ability.

Traditional belt tensioners have several common causes of failure, including spring failure and bearing failure. Kit Masters set out to find solutions for these common causes of failure and ended up redefining belt tensioners. PolyForce™ Belt Tensioners replace the internal spring with a Polymer Torsion Core, which is a molded silicone that lasts longer than a spring. The Polymer Torsion Core also acts as a built-in damping mechanism which adds to the life of the belt tensioner and adjacent accessories.

PolyForce™ Belt Tensioners are available as complete units, as well as in a modular system that allows distributors to carry a few individual components from which they can build the required belt tensioner on demand. In addition, the PolyForce™ Mobile Repair Kit is a compact toolbox that contains everything needed to identify & assemble a brand new, heavy duty belt tensioner in minutes. This mobile repair kit is a great cost-effective tool for mobile repair professionals.

PolyForce™ Belt Tensioners are built to outlast the competition and have a 2-year / 200,000 mile warranty.

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