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K-Series Simplified

In an effort to streamline our product line, while improving overall customer satisfaction, Kit Masters will be discontinuing the 8801X reman Kysor-style fan clutch and replacing it with part number 8801N.

The 8801X will be available while supplies last, with production ceasing prior to August 1, 2018.

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Understanding the
Hub/Clutch Relationship

Kysor-style ON/OFF rear air fan clutch assemblies are two-piece systems. The first piece is the Fan Hub, which consists of an assembled pulley and mounting bracket. The second piece is the Fan Clutch, which turns on and off as needed to cool the engine.

Part number 1093-XXXXX-XX refers to an entire BorgWarner-Style fan clutch assembly. It is for reference purposes only and not available for ordering.

Most part numbers start with 1077, 1093 or 1090, but some newer hubs and assemblies start with 0100.

Genuine BorgWarner
ON/OFF Fan Drives

Kit Masters leads the aftermarket in
BorgWarner fan clutch availability.

Identify your Kysor-Style Fan Clutch

Not sure which Kysor-style fan clutch you have? We’ve made it easy to find out. Simply answer a few questions about your fan clutch to determine an appropriate replacement.

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