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How does a viscous fan clutch work?

Viscous driven fan clutches operate on time-tested technology. Watch this video to learn more about how they work.



+Why won't my viscous fan clutch disengage?

A viscous fan clutch will never fully disengage while the vehicle is running. However, if you feel that your fan clutch is fully engaged too often, one reason for excessive engagement could be that you have a plugged radiator.

+Why won't my viscous fan clutch engage?

The viscous fluid may have leaked out from your fan clutch. Once this happens your fan clutch will no longer be able to engage and you will need to replace your fan clutch.

+Do I need to replace my fan when ordering a Spectrum Modular Viscous Fan Clutch?

You will only need to replace your fan blade if your current fan clutch has a fan pilot other than 5” or 7”. These are the only two fan pilots offered on Spectrum fan clutch assemblies.