K22 FA Kysor-Style Fan Clutch

Kit Masters Part #

The 8001X by Kit Masters is a remanufactured front air K-series fan clutch. It is a K-26 fan clutch, but can take the place of previous front air versions as well.

2 Year/200,000 Mile Warranty

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Built to Last

The 8001X by Kit Masters is a remanufactured front air K-series fan clutch. It features the industry’s most durable friction material along with superior o-rings.


Replaces OEM Part #:

10900705001, 1090-07050-01, 10900800001, 1090-08000-01, 65140706, 10900526201, 1090-05262-01, 10900900001, 1090-09000-01, 1617899c91, 1616955c1, 40mh32p2, 208220151, 20822-0151, 208223462, 20822-3462, 8071115, 3415012, f3hz8a616c, f3hz-8a616-c, 40mh52, 208223486, 20822-3486, 3081867, 3696123c91, 1616955C91, 85124703, 85129484, 10900662001, 1090-06620-01, 10900606002, 1090-06060-02, 10900606003, 1090-06060-03,


Repair Instructions




+How do I determine which rebuild kit to use for my Kysor-style fan clutch?

Simply click here to identify which rebuild kit to use for your Kysor-style fan clutch.

+Why does my fan have a lemon-shaped pilot hole?

Some fans come with a lemon-shaped pilot hole instead of the standard circle-shaped pilot hole. These lemon-shaped pilots are typically intended for use on a front-air fan clutch that has a special tear-drop shaped pilot, but can be used on a standard fan clutch as well. All lemon-shaped pilots are 2.56” in diameter with a 3.5” bolt circle. If you need a lemon-shaped pilot, be sure to specify this when ordering your fan.