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Save Time & Money

Unrivaled quality and performance in an easy to install rebuild kit.
The GoldTop by Kit Masters is the ultimate fan clutch rebuild kit.

Choose Your Model

Most common model. Two 0.75” bearings.

Single 1.2″ bearing configuration

Same as 14-256, but with a 2″ fan pilot

Same as 14-256, but with a 5″ fan pilot

The Problem

As a quality leading remanufacturer, we see first hand why so many fan clutches are failing prematurely.

Our engineers discovered that the key reason for premature spring-engaged fan clutch failures is LACK OF TORQUE. There are fan blades in operation today that require more torque than current fan clutches can produce.

Torque is the Solution

Our GoldTop® Fan Clutch is unmatched by any competitor (new or remanufactured) and packs over 5,000 inch-pounds of torque!

Fail-Safe Design

Our innovative Auto Lock feature will AUTOMATICALLY ENGAGE fan clutches when the friction material nears the end of its life.

More About Auto Lock >


Highest Torque Rating

Sustaining fan blade engagement requires a large amount of torque. With over 5,000 inch-pounds of torque, the GoldTop® will handle nearly all fan blades.

Less Time To Install

Our exclusive design combines nine separate components into ONE FINAL ASSEMBLY – this dramatically reduces installation time and installation errors.


Lower Cost

• Lower cost vs. new
• Lower cost vs. remanufactured
• Fewer failures = fewer repairs
• Less time to install

Unmatched Warranty

All of Kit Masters’ GoldTop fan clutches are backed by Kit Masters’ rock-solid, unmatched 3 year / 300,000 mile warranty.