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Better than ever

Kit Masters’ HP Kits have been keeping trucks on the road for over twenty years.

Simple. Perfect.

Superior O-Rings

Kit Masters’ HP Kits feature Viton® o-rings which increases the operating range to 400° F, versus 200°.  Also, increased lubricity in the o-rings ensures that they are exceptionally resistant to drying out.

Stronger friction material

Kit Masters uses dramatically stronger friction material to sustain more fan clutch engagements. Additionally, the spring-tempered bonding process ensures that the friction will not shear away from the backing plate.

Two Bearing Hub

The splined hub assembly in HT/S fan clutches must absorb the radial load from the fan belts and the axial load from the fan blade. The dual bearing design on Kit Masters’ splined hub assembly transfers more of the load further down the shaft of the fan clutch to reduce the amount of wear on the front bearing. This equals extended fan clutch life.