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Kit Masters Part #9505SP - Replacement for OEM Part #s: 601158, 994306, 994316, KMN209505SP, ABPN209505SP, FLT9505SP, KMI9505SP, 3443-9505SP
Kit Masters Part #9505SP - Replacement for OEM Part #s: 601158, 994306, 994316, KMN209505SP, ABPN209505SP, FLT9505SP, KMI9505SP, 3443-9505SP
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9.5" Single Plate Rebuild Kit

Kit Masters Part #

The 9505SP fan clutch rebuild kit by Kit Masters combines superior materials and advanced innovations making it the easy choice for rebuilding Horton® HT/S®-style fan clutches.

3 Year/300,000 Mile Warranty


Premium Materials

Kit Masters’ 9505SP kits feature vastly improved materials, compared to the OEM. Our Viton® o-rings withstand temperatures up to 400° and resist drying out. Dramatically stronger friction material sustains more fan clutch engagements and will not shear away from the backing plate.


Two Bearing Hub

The splined hub assembly in HT/S fan clutches must absorb the radial load from the fan belts and the axial load from the fan blade. Kit Masters’ dual bearing splined hub assembly transfers more of the load further down the fan clutch shaft to reduce wear on the front bearing. This equals extended fan clutch life.


Replaces OEM Part #:

601158, 994306, 994316, KMN209505SP, KM N20 9505SP, ABPN209505SP, ABP N20 9505SP, FLT9505SP, KMI9505SP, 3443-9505SP,




+What is the difference between a 9505 and 9505SP?

Part number 9505SP is a complete rebuild kit, while part number 9505 is friction material only.

+I just installed a 7500HP or 9500HP. Why won't it disengage?

When you were rebuilding your fan clutch, you most likely did not use the red spacer, which is included in the journal spacer packet. Disassemble your fan clutch until you get down to the journal spacer. Place the red spacer on top of the journal spacer and re-assemble the rest of the fan clutch again. When correctly rebuilt, and with no air line connected, the friction plate should not be in contact with the friction material.

+Why is air leaking out of the hole on the front/pilot of my fan clutch?

The carbon material on your air cartridge is not mating correctly against the face seal that is threaded into the air chamber cap. Inspect the face seal and the carbon on the air cartridge. Look for any cracks or chips. Replace the air cartridge if needed.

+Why is air leaking out of the fuse port on the front of the friction plate?

There has been excessive heat from the friction plate wearing on the friction, causing the fuse to melt, creating an air leak. This is a preventative measure telling the truck owner that the truck needs to be serviced. Check your air supply pressure to make sure that there is a minimum of 90 psi, right at the entry point of the fan clutch. You can rebuild your fan clutch with a seal kit to replace the damaged seals and fuse once the air supply issue is fixed. You may choose to completely rebuild your fan clutch as well.


California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Hub Bearings Required

You are purchasing a Kysor-style fan clutch. When replacing a Kysor-style fan clutch, you must always replace the hub (pulley) bearings at the same time. Failure to do so will void the warranty on your fan clutch.

To determine the required bearing kit for your hub, enter the hub part number in the search field below, find the part number of the bearing kit you need on the dropdown below, or click on the 'Learn More' link below.

Choose Your bearing kit (if known)

I don't want to purchase a hub bearing kit at this time.
Failure to install new hub bearings with your clutch will void your warranty.

Core Return

This product includes a core charge. You may pre-pay for the freight to return your core during the checkout process, or ship using your own method. Core returns must be received by Kit Masters within 30 days of purchase.

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