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TECH TIPS – 14-PF Press Fixture

Kit Masters now offers a press fixture specifically designed to remove and install the pulley bearings while rebuilding Horton style fan clutches with the GoldTop, 2 Speed GoldTop and HP kits.

This press fixture is designed to install bearings properly by applying even pressure without pre-loading the bearings – which can causing premature bearing failure.

The 14-PF was designed by Kit Masters plant personnel for their own use. When customers saw the tool, they were eager to get one of their own, so we decided to manufacture the part and offer it for sale.


Bearing Removal:

Take the pulley off of the bracket and place the non-flanged end of the 14-PF on the bearings, as seen in figure 1. Use an arbor press, hydraulic press or hammer to press the bearings out of the bearing bore. Dispose of the bearings but make sure you keep the bearing spacers (if applicable). Reuse any spacers when installing new bearings (refer to instructions supplied in the kit).


Bearing Installation:

Place the first bearing in the bearing bore in the front, or inside of the pulley. Place the flanged end of the 14-PF in the bearings. The flanged end of the 14-PF has a raised diameter that will insert into the internal diameter of the pulley bearing allowing even pressure on the bearing during installation. Use an arbor press, hydraulic press or hammer to press the bearing into the bearing bore. Next, place in any spacers you saved during disassembly, and repeating the initial process, install the second bearing. Place the pulley back onto the bracket and complete the rest of the rebuilding process.

The 14-PF will save you time and effort when removing and installing bearings. It will also help you to avoid causing damage to bearings or pulleys when rebuilding fan clutches. It is available at your local Kit Masters distributor.