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Why Use a 2-Speed

In a 2-Speed fan clutch, when the fan clutch is disengaged, the fan still rotates at 15-25% of the engine RPM. This fan rotation provides crucial airflow to the engine and draws virtually no horsepower.

A 2-speed fan clutch is ideal for vocational applications where the fan clutch engagement time exceeds 10% of the engine run time.

Reduce the Frequency of Fan Clutch Engagements

Provide constant air flow without robbing horsepower by utilizing a 15-25% Viscous Engagement. The 2-Speed fan clutch delivers crucial CFM to the engine compartment, keeping a more consistent engine temperature with fewer full fan clutch engagements.


Horsepower Savings
Fewer fan clutch engagements means less horsepower draw.

Longer Fan Clutch Life
Providing constant cooling means reducing engagement cycles and this will improve the life of the fan clutch, fan belts and belt tensioner.

Lower Under-Hood Temperatures
Lower under-hood temperature is better for the engine and all the engine components.

Improved Fuel Economy
As you recapture your lost horsepower, you improve fuel economy.
HORSEPOWER SAVED = Fuel mileage Earned

Driver Comfort
Fewer engagements reduces noise and improves driver comfort.