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Tech Tips – How a Kysor-Style Fan Clutch is different

Kysor-Style Fan Clutches are in a world all their own.  They can be much more difficult to identify than other Fan Clutches.  Most of the fan clutches on the market are a one-piece design – you can purchase an entire assembly as one piece.  Kysor-style always comes in two pieces – the Fan Hub and the Fan Clutch.

The Fan Hub is the section that contains the Pulley and Bracket. The Fan Clutch is mounted to the front of the fan hub and is the part of the assembly that engages or disengages your engine fan. When the two pieces are put together, we call this a Full Fan Clutch Assembly.


Front Air 8001N – Air goes into the nose cone. 


Rear Air 8901N – Air enters through the back.

    Also the same as an 8905N (5in pilot.)

Fan clutches can be “front air” or “rear air”.  Meaning the air connects either in the front or rear of the fan clutch. Front air fan clutches manufactured by OEMs typically have a teardrop shaped “nose”. Kit Masters has made an adjustment to their front air clutches which changes the nose cone from a teardrop shape to round.  This removes the need for a lemon shaped pilot on your fan.   


Identifying your Kysor-Style components

When attempting to identify your Kysor-style fan clutch assembly, the first step is to look for part numbers. These can be found on stickers that are placed on the bracket, or on the side of the fan clutch (see image below). The above image shows how the typical Hub and Fan Clutch numbers are formatted.  Most part numbers start with 1077, 1093 or 1090, but some newer hubs and assemblies can also begin with a 0100 number.


Another way to identify your fan clutch hub or assembly is by finding a casting number on the bracket itself (see image below). If you have this casting number, simply call Kit Masters Customer Service and we can usually identify the assembly, hub, and fan clutch.

There is one other way we can identify what you need.  That is with measurements and a photo. The usual measure measurements we ask for are:  Overall length, pulley diameter, mounting bracket length, and from the engine side of the bracket to the middle of the first belt groove.  These measurements help us to narrow down the search and find the correct Hub or bearings you may need.

When replacing your Fan Clutch, you should always replace your Hub Pulley Bearings as well.  Often times, Pulley Bearing failure is what caused the fan clutch to fail in the first place. Not replacing the bearings can cause immediate damage to your new fan clutch, and will void your fan clutch warranty.  With our 3 year / 300,000 mile warranty, it pays to replace them both.  For more information on our pulley bearings check out this Tech Tip.

If you would like more a more visual demonstration of Kysor-style fan clutch identification, you can watch our Youtube video here.

Hopefully this helps you to better understand one of the more complicated fan clutches on the market. If you have any questions or need any assistance with your fan clutch, don’t hesitate to call the Kit Masters Customer Service team!   800-810-9110